Basic Self Defense Strategies to Protect Yourself at Home

The age old adage, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, is especially true when it comes to self defense in the home. Think about it. The moment you realize someone is breaking into your house is a moment too late to prepare. You can only respond. The effectiveness of your response will depend in large part on the quality and amount of preparations you’ve already made.

Your home defense plan should be well thought out and rehearsed often enough it’s second nature. There’s no time to think or hesitate. You must only take action. Threats to the home take place more often than you may think. A home burglary, for example, occurs every 13 seconds in the US. Don’t leave yourself unprepared and in a panic.

Here are 7 basic self-defense strategies to get you started:

Home Self Defense Strategies

  1. Establish at least 3 escape routes out of your home and make sure everyone knows and remains familiar with them. Having multiple routes increases your chances for escape. Reviewing routes often will help everyone remember when it counts.
  2. Sometimes escape may be impossible, so it’s good to also establish multiple hiding places inside your house. Again, having 3 or more is the best practice. Review these when you review the escape routes for the same reason.
  3. It’s important to also determine an agreed upon meeting place once outside of the house. You can regroup, do a quick headcount, and reassess your situation. From here you can call the police and determine next steps.
  4. You may consider building in a safe room or a panic room. This can be done, ideally, during the construction of your home, but can also be retrofitted at any time.
  5. Make sure all exterior doors are fitted with deadbolt locks. A quality deadbolt will keep intruders from entering through a locked door. It will prove most effective when used on a solid door.
  6. Install a camera at the front door and motion-sensor lights near all doors and windows. Multiple cameras at different locations outside are preferable, but could be cost prohibitive. Lights remain one of the best home crime prevention strategies even today.
  7. Consider taking self-defense classes and/or gun ownership. When all other self-defense strategies fail, preparing yourself to engage in an altercation could save your life. If you choose gun ownership, learn to keep it ready and safe at all times.

Defending Your Castle

These 7 basic self-defense strategies will give you a great start in developing your family home defense plan. Rehearsing your plan frequently will help build situational awareness and turn your ordinary house into a near-impenetrable fortress.

Universal Safety & Security Solutions is very familiar with all aspects of personal protection. As industry leaders and trained professionals, our team can provide the help you need to develop a strong home defense plan. Contact us for more information on self defense strategies you can use to protect your home.