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Personal Protection Services

Personal protection services are for learning the basics of self-defense, personal protection, self-defense at home and home protection.  We train you with the skills and mentality to protect against threats. All Universal Safety & Security Solutions training services are provided by former US Secret Service, FBI or Special Forces.

Home Security Vulnerability Assessment

Universal Safety & Security Solutions (USSS) provides an extensive home security vulnerability assessment and detailed home protection security plan for individual residents to include home and property. We provide a detailed security vulnerability assessment report on current and needed security upgrades.

Home Defense

Universal Safety & Security Solutions will teach self-defense and  home protection by surveying your residence and train you to defeat a  home invasion.  Self-defense at home topics cover proper use of weapons and weapons storage, survival strategies, safe rooms, emergency communication plan and other contingencies. Self-defense at home training should be used in concert with home protection – Security Vulnerability Assessment services.

Driving Personal Protection Services

Driving lessons for individuals, hired drivers and employees on driving techniques to avoid accidents and identify criminal activity targeting vehicular movements.  We will drive with you to routine destinations providing insight and techniques to reduce your vulnerability.


Learn personal protection, self-defense  and self-awareness skills to protect against assailants.  You will perform kicks, punches, drops, escapes and more. Learn to avoid becoming a victim by analyzing habits, behaviors and appearance causing you to become a target and what to do in a critical self- defense situation.

Firearms – Basic / Advanced / Tactical

Firearms training /handgun class Houston includes basic education, personal protection, safety, firearm selection, shooting, cleaning, storing, carrying a firearm, use of deadly force and how to safely deploy your weapon in an emergency situation. Advanced training includes tactical firearms selection and methods.

Private Concealed Handgun License (CHL)

We offer State of Texas Concealed Handgun License courses in the comfort of your own home. Texas concealed handgun license Training (Texas CHL) is a mandatory 10 hour class that includes instruction, testing and shooting test and legal aspect of a Texas CHL.

CPR, First Aid, AED & O2

This is an American Red Cross Certification Course.  The training covers the following topics: Recognizing life threatening and non-life threatening medical emergencies; Providing proper care; CPR and rescue breathing for adult, child and infant; Basic First Aid for sudden illness, burns, broken bones, abrasions, sprains, poisoning; Cardiac Chain of Survival; Use of an Automated External Defibrillator.

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Personal Security Experience
  • Extensive Texas concealed handgun licensing (CHL) classes
  • Home Security Vulnerability Assessments for many different types of homes and structures
  • Houston handgun classes are taught by former Secret Service instructors with specialties in Control Tactics, Firearms, Emergency Medicine, and Physical Fitness
  • Classes are taught by State of Texas certified training security instructors


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