The Growing Need for Executive Security Protection

Terrorism, disgruntled employees, and cutthroat corporate competition are just a few of the many potential risks executives face today. And the threat is growing. If you are an executive or a key player to your company, someone with access and control to key information, you may be at more risk than you realize. The location, size and prominence of your company, and your industry are all factors that can make that threat even greater. Executive protection is a program designed to protect your most valuable assets, your key people, and keep them safe from a myriad of potential threats.

Executive Security Today

The recent increase in corporate crimes has been fueled in part by an ever more competitive global marketplace and advancements in technology. Key players and their families are being kidnapped, threatened, held for ransom, blackmailed, and in other ways manipulated and coerced into assisting in crimes all over the world. The threat isn’t always criminal in nature, however. For an executive who travels frequently, the single biggest threat is getting hurt in an automobile accident, as driving conditions can be very dangerous in different parts of the world. These and many other growing risks along with the value of the lives of your key people and their contributions to your company all add up to your company’s growing need for security protection services.

What to do with Risk

Protecting an individual involves a much different skill set and perspective than securing a facility. An attacker is unpredictable and executives don’t often respond well to highly restrictive security measures. You also want to have the smallest possible negative impact on the executive’s ability to perform his or her daily duties. With this in mind, it is probably not realistic to try to completely eliminate every risk. You cannot lock them away in a room without doors. It is also probably not feasible to hire an army to escort them around wherever they may go.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation is a much more complex process that involves walking the tightrope between various factors. Lifestyle of key persons, your company culture, requirements of the industry, travel needs and frequency, the nature and likelihood of potential threats, and available funds are all factors to be considered. Executive security is a malleable, customizable program to address each company’s unique situation and protection needs.

Is Executive Protection Right for You?

If you are considering implementing an Executive Protection program to protect the key people in your company, begin by assessing your situation. It is important to analyze your company’s needs, the probable risks you will encounter, and all the factors that need to be taken into consideration. Universal Safety & Security Solutions is a team of highly-trained individuals with extensive background in military and law enforcement. We provide security training and consulting services for various organizations in multiple industries. Contact Us for more information on how to get started with executive security in your organization, starting with a security vulnerability assessment.