How to Hire a Personal Bodyguard

Bodyguards have long been associated with society’s elite: celebrities, politicians, and higher level executives. Today, the need for a personal guard has increased and extended to members of the population at large. Key individuals within companies, those who handle money or valuables, a target of attention such as a witness to a crime, a divorcee or a victim of a domestic dispute, and wealthy individuals all may need personal protection. If this is you, you may need a bodyguard and not know where to begin. This guide will help you get started.

Finding Your Personal Bodyguard

When hiring a professional to protect your life, you want to make sure you make the best choice. Here are some considerations to guide you in the process.

Assess Your Need

There are many different types of bodyguards, all suitable for different scenarios and preferences. The first thing you will want to look at is your need. Do you need a driver, event security, or personal protection? Armed or unarmed? Examine your lifestyle, your schedule, and your preferences. Know critical moments and situations that may require heightened awareness. Think about size and physique as relates to your need. A professional bodyguard is highly skilled and trained to blend in and adjust to your lifestyle or the event you are holding.

Do Your Homework

License vs. Certification

A license is government-issued and could be given to bodyguards who lack skills, depending on the state’s requirements. A certificate, however, is given to bodyguards only after having completed professional training. If they have a certificate, you will also want to make sure it is coming from a reputable institution with adequate experience.

Background and Skills Check

Make sure either you or the organization you are working with have completed a background check on your bodyguard. The last thing you want is to entrust your life in the hands of a criminal. You will also want to make sure your bodyguard has the skillset required to meet your needs. When you interview a prospective candidate, request examples that demonstrate the skills you will need. Talk about working unobtrusively, handling threats, preparing for trips or events, combat/defense skills, computer knowledge, driving, and whatever else is important to you.

Past Experience

Ask for references from past employers, reasons employment ended, and follow up with phone calls. Just like any other job, past success is indicative of character and quality. You will be entrusting them with your well-being and perhaps the well-being of others. Make sure they are trustworthy, skilled, intelligent, and have the experience to handle whatever situation that may arise. You need to feel confident and secure in the person whose sole task is to protect your life.

Choose the Most Suitable Candidate

Take the time to vet each candidate to make sure they are certified by a reputable instructor, have the background and skillset you need, and the experience to handle every situation. Hiring a bodyguard to handle your personal protection is nothing to take lightly. USSS is a team of highly-trained individuals with extensive background in military and law enforcement, and we provide personal protection services for various circumstances. Contact Us for more information on how to hire the right personal bodyguard for you.