Jim and Angela Napolitano started Universal Safety & Security Solutions in 2008 with the vision of offering the highest quality security service by tapping into the vast network of talent developed from Jim’s US Secret Service and law enforcement career.

Universal Safety & Security Solutions specializes in the protection of people, places, projects and events. We serve all industries and individuals. Our objective is to be proactive versus reactive.

  • Jim Napolitano, President and Owner – Retired United States Secret Service Agent, Corporate/Private Security, Retired Chief of Police
  • Angela Napolitano, Chief Executive Officer and Owner
Angela Mattiza Napolitano
Angela Mattiza Napolitano

Angela Mattiza Napolitano

Chief Executive Officer

Angela Napolitano has vast experience in management, training, and instruction. As CEO of Universal Safety & Security Solutions, Angela oversees the day-to-day operation of the company as well as provides close protection for clients such as former US Government officials, high profile persons, and persons in need of enhanced security. She currently provides instruction in firearm safety, and concealed handgun licensing. In addition, Angela assists clients with investigations, background checks, and process serving.She is licensed by the State of Texas Private Security Bureau as a Personal Protection Officer, Commissioned Security Officer, and Private Investigator. She is also licensed by the State of Texas Department of Public Safety as a Concealed Handgun Instructor and licensed by the Texas Supreme Court as a Process Server. Angela maintains her certifications as an Instructor Trainer and Instructor with the American Red Cross, American CPR Training and Medic First Aid in Lifeguarding, A.E.D. and O2 Administration.

Ms. Napolitano has a Master’s Degree in Education from Baylor University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Texas A&M University.

James F. Napolitano
James F. Napolitano

James F. Napolitano


With more than 33 years of combined law enforcement and private security experience, James Napolitano is a trusted professional in the security industry providing expertise to individuals and organizations of all sizes. 

Mr. Napolitano is the owner and President of Universal Safety & Security Solutions, LLC, and the retired Chief of Police for the City of Montgomery, Texas. Mr. Napolitano provides consulting, protection, investigations and training to clients that include the oil and gas industry, churches and high wealth families. Mr. Napolitano has conducted numerous international security seminars and has appeared on news programs as a subject matter expert. Mr. Napolitano has also conducted Security Assessments for Texas Independent School Districts.

Previously, Chief Napolitano was solicited by the City of Montgomery to bring professionalism and training to a growing department. He successfully improved moral of the department while completing the improvements for which he was hired. Mr. Napolitano also worked for Marathon Oil as the US and European Security Representative tasked with special assignments such as evacuating Marathon personnel out of Libya during the Arab Spring and setting up Marathon security operations in Iraq.

Prior to retiring from the United States Secret Service after more than 22 years of service as a Special Agent, Mr. Napolitano was involved in all aspects of protection for the President of the United States, Vice President and First Families as well as Former Presidents, Presidential Candidates, Foreign Dignitaries and events or locations that were deemed high threats for terroristic acts.  Special Agent Napolitano conducted hundreds of investigations and testified in federal and state court on investigations that included counterfeit, child pornography, white collar crime and identity theft. As the Resident Agent in Charge in Waco, Special Agent Napolitano was instrumental in providing the security measures for then President George W. Bush’s Western White House as well as the successful visits by many world leaders to Crawford, Texas. Special Agent Napolitano proudly served as a member of the highly tactical and exclusive Counter Assault Team with the Presidential Detail as well as being a Rescue Swimmer for Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.  As an instructor, Special Agent Napolitano was a class coordinator for new agents at the James J. Rowley Training Center as well as the Program Manager for Water Safety and Emergency Medicine. Additionally, Special Agent Napolitano was an instructor/coordinator for the Houston Field Office in the specialized areas of Control Tactics, Firearms Training, Water Rescue, Emergency Medicine and Physical Fitness.  Special Agent Napolitano was selected for special assignments to include the tactical coordinator for the $5 Billion “money move” of the Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank relocation, the Houston Field Office relocation and the joint agency Super Note Task Force that took him overseas to investigate the highly sophisticated counterfeiting of US currency.

Prior to joining the United States Secret Service, Mr. Napolitano served as a deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office beginning in the jail being promoted to Sergeant in patrol. Mr. Napolitano also worked as a Mechanical Engineer for several oil field service companies in the Houston and Huntsville area after receiving his Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree from the University of Houston.


“To provide businesses, governments and individuals with the highest quality of security solutions for personal and facility protection. We utilize state of the art technologies, proven protocols and techniques, assessments and measures developed by Federal Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, the US Military and Industry Security Experts.”

Our Core Values are HEROIC


We live up to the highest non-negotiable standards of honesty and trust with no exceptions.


Committed to providing excellent service to the client, our employees, managers, and ourselves.


Knowledge and accountability of the job at hand, never expecting less from ourselves or team members.


Always do the right thing, especially when no one is looking.


Pro-active in all job responsibilities, maintaining legality, ethics, and morals in all operations.


Our clients depend on us, placing their lives and property in our hands. Their safety is our only concern.


After the events of 9/11, our abilities were designed for and used by industries, national critical infrastructure and government protection. The executive team consists of former United States Secret Service Agents, FBI and Special Forces Operators including the Former Commander of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta.


  • Oil and Gas
  • Financial Services
  • Medical
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Church
  • High wealth individuals/residential
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement Consulting


Each executive responsible for field operations has an extensive background in military and law enforcement with over 100 years combined experience at the pinnacle of protection, investigation and military special operations.

As one of the leading security companies in Houston, we only hire operatives with exceptional leadership, experience and knowledge as engagement managers including retired Secret Service Agents, Delta Operators, Navy Seals and FBI Agents. We also employ federal, state and local law enforcement experts to supplement our engagement managers.


We are one of the leading security companies in Houston who are Licensed by the State of Texas Private Security Bureau as a Security Services Investigations Company (C16563) and Level III-IV Security Guard Training School (F01154). Our security license allows us to provide:

  • Protection Services
  • Security Consulting and Training
  • Investigations

Operating without a licenses could result in a Class A misdemeanor and a fine up to $10,000. 

Contact us today for more information on how our services can meet your security needs.


The following outlines the list of training and certification courses successfully completed by the Principals of Universal Safety & Security Solutions:

United States Government

  • Control Tactics Instructor Course – Secret Service
  • Counter Assault Team Basic Training Course – Secret Service
  • Protective Operations Driving Course – Secret Service
  • Protective Research Briefing – Secret Service
  • Special Agent Training Course – Secret Service
  • Firearms Instructor Training Course, High Overall Shooter – Secret Service
  • Criminal Investigator Training Program – Secret Service
  • Essentials of Instruction – Secret Service
  • Fitness Coordination Certification Course – Secret Service
  • Water Safety Program Manager – Secret Service
  • Rescue Swimmer Training Course – Secret Service
  • Johns Hopkins Strategic Thinking – Secret Service
  • Undercover Special Operations Unit Seminar, Case/Contact Agent – FBI
  • Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) Indoctrination Course – FBI
  • Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) Undercover Seminar – FBI
  • Foreign Counterintelligence (FCI) Concepts Seminar – FBI
  • Regional FBI Intelligence Division Unit Conferences – FBI
  • Hazardous Materials Response Operations Course (Chemical/Biological/Nuclear) – FEMA & FBI
  • Nuclear Energy and Proliferation Workshop – DOE
  • Overview of Oak Ridge Nuclear Weapons Operations – DOE
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Counter Terrorism Conference – Department of Energy DOE
  • Proliferation and Special Weapons of Mass Destruction Conference – CIA
  • Hazardous Materials Operations Training, Arms Control Treaty, Chemical Weapons Convention – Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • Chemical Technology Security Course – Department of State and the Department of Commerce
  • Private Sector Security Overseas Seminar – Department of State
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association
  • Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Foreign Counterintelligence Course – Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  • Special Contingency Group (Advanced counter intelligence/counter terrorism) – NCIS
  • High Risk Personnel – Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Protective Operations Training –  Joint Forces Security Training

State of Texas

  • Level III & IV Training School – DPS
  • Investigations / Security Contractor; Guard, Armored Car and Courier Company – DPS
  • Civil Process Law, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Texas and Federal Rules of Court – TPSA
  • Master Peace Officer – TCLEOSE
  • Advanced Peace Officer – TCLEOSE
  • Basic Peace Officer – TCLEOSE
  • National Crime Information Center (NCIC)/Texas Crime Information Center (TCIC) Operations/Policy – DPS
  • Texas Dept of Public Safety Academy

Private Sector

  • Industry Security Vulnerability Assessment – American Petroleum Institute
  • International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association
  • Association for Intelligence Officers
  • American Society of Industrial Security
  • Certified Infrastructure Protection Specialist (Office of Infrastructure Preparedness)
  • Certified Master Anti-terrorism Specialist (Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board)
  • Infra-Gard-Houston Chapter
  • Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) certified
  • Marine Security Orientation Course
  • Gulf of Mexico Offshore Orientation Course
  • Water Survival Training Course
  • Counter-Terrorism Intelligence, Analysis, and Ops
  • International Counter-Terrorism Officers Assoc. (ICTOA)
  • Facility Security Officer Training – in accordance with 33 CFR 105.205

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality security solutions for all your needs.