How to Become a Hard Target for a Home Invader

Home invaders are becoming bolder and more violent, but you can protect yourself from a home invader by following these safety tips.

6 Safety Tips for Improving Your Home Defense

Home invaders plan on surprising their victims. They hope that you are oblivious to their tricks and that you will leave your home open to them.  Improving your home defense will help you be more aware of these tricks and prepared to defend yourself and your home.

Do Not Let Strangers in Your Home

Many home invaders prefer to target their victims while they’re home. They will walk up to your door claiming they have some business with you. Their goal is to get you to open your door and let them inside. You can stop them in their tracks by refusing to do so. Do not be fooled – anyone with legitimate business with you will call before they arrive.

Use Window Films and Thorn Bushes

While some thieves will try to hit you while you are home, others will hunt when you are not. These thieves are looking for things they can steal quickly. Therefore, you can divert them elsewhere by not showing them what you have.

You can do this by using window films. Unlike curtains, windows blinds, and shades, films let you see outside but prevent people from looking in. You can add a nice thorny bush in front of the window to keep people from trying to get close enough to look inside as well.

Specialty window films can also be used as an alternative to burglar bars or hurricane shutters to protect your windows from being broken with bats, bricks, and other objects invaders may use to try to get in. These films are not detectable by the human eye and will offer you an extra layer of protection from intruders.

Secure and Lock all Windows and Doors

Desperate thieves may still try to break into your homes even if they cannot see inside. The only way to stop them is to make it difficult to do. Securing your windows and doors is a good way to do this. Every door needs a good lock, preferably a deadbolt. This includes your sliding doors which should have secured tracks to keep people from removing the doors to get inside.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Always Home

You can stop a home invader by being home or looking like you are home. Keep a light or TV on. Keep a spare car in your driveway. Whatever you can do might be enough to keep the criminals away.

Install Alarm System

Another useful deterrent is an alarm system.  Make it clear that you have one, but do not tell anyone what type of system you have.  Thieves can hack into your smartphone to open your electronic locks with mobile access.

Devise a Home Defense Plan

Every situation is different. Some homes need more defensive measures than others. To stop a home invader from breaking into your home, you need to know what your home actually needs and implement it. You can start with a Home Vulnerability Assessment, which will help you determine your home security risks and create a strong home defense plan. Contact us to learn more about evaluating your risks and how to protect yourself and your home from becoming an easy target for a home invasion.