5 Things Your Employees Want You to Know About Corporate Security

Workplace safety is often one of those things that can be a bit of a nuisance and can easily be put off for another time or forgotten altogether. A radical situation may seem so far from reality that spending precious work hours on preparedness can feel like a waste of time.

However, it is the exact opposite. While these types of situations may seem rare, they could happen and that is why it’s important to be prepared. Anyone watching the news lately has seen the frequency at which high-level corporate security threats occur. Just as you would prepare employees for a threat such as a hurricane or fire, corporate security drills prepare them for a major security threat.

You may hear employees complain about the time spent away from their desks preparing for something that “might but probably won’t” happen. On the other hand, another group of employees may enjoy the break from their everyday tasks. In the end, if something were to happen, not only will they look to you to know what to do, but they will also thank you for having the plan in place.

What Your Employees Expect You to Know About Corporate Security

Ultimately, your employees will look to you to care for their well-being and ensure their safety in the workplace. Whether there is a natural disaster, workplace violence, active shooter or some other threatening situation, they will expect you to know what to do.

Here are 5 Things Your Employees will Expect from You

  1. Know Your Vulnerabilities for a Corporate Threat
  2. Have Proven Protocols and Safety Measures in Place
  3. Emergency Plan with Evacuation Route Established
  4. An Established “Safe” Place to Hideout
  5. Be Prepared with Emergency Supplies that Might be Needed in Case of an Emergency

Once these things have been established, your employees will expect you to make sure they are well-informed of the plan. During the drills, they may not seem to care or appear inconvenienced, but be assured that they expect nothing less!

At Universal Safety and Security Solutions, we draw only from the best available proven protocols and techniques, assessments and measures. Contact us to get the through process and conversation started in your workplace, learn about your vulnerabilities, and develop a corporate security plan.