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Corporate Security Training

All Universal Safety & Security Solutions (USSS, LLC) corporate security training services are provided by former United States Secret Service and FBI trainer, with specialized corporate security training experience.  Additionally, our experts have over 20 years of corporate security consulting and training experience with Fortune 500 companies and are certified by the State of Texas.

Active Shooter / Emergency Response

Once the protocols have been developed from the active shooter / emergency response tabletop, USSS will provide seminars to train your employees on how to survive different scenarios.

Kidnap and Ransom

Training will include how to avoid being a kidnap victim and what life-saving procedures an employee or contractor should follow if a kidnapping does occur. The Proper response to a kidnap and ransom incident is key to a positive outcome making this training essential to international travelers.

Executive Protection Training

Executive protection training provides your security personnel with the knowledge and skills required to protect executives, family and staff during public events and exposure. Executive protection training includes surveys, weapons and tactics, evacuation, emergency medical, driving skills, and operational security specific to business security.

Driver Protective Services Training (Emergency and Protective Driving)

We offer lessons on driving techniques for individuals, hired drivers and employees to avoid potential accidents, identify criminal activity targeting vehicular movements, evasive driving techniques needed for securing protectees and emergency evacuations.

CPR, First Aid, AED and O2

This is an American Red Cross Certification Course.  The training covers the following topics: Recognizing life threatening and non-life threatening medical emergencies; Providing proper care; CPR and rescue breathing for adult, child and infant; Basic First Aid for sudden illness, burns, broken bones, abrasions, sprains, poisoning; Cardiac Chain of Survival; Use of an Automated External Defibrillator.

Custom Training

USSS, LLC provides custom corporate security training services for a wide array of security issues based on your needs.  Our experts will evaluate your needs and make recommendations on a custom training curriculum including qualifications for students, length and type of training to be covered.

Refresher Course

No training lasts forever.  In order to maintain your skills, on-going corporate security training refresher courses are critical.  USSS, LLC offers abbreviated versions of each of its business security training classes to ensure your skills do not diminish.

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USSS is a full range security service company offering corporate security training, security consulting, and private security services. Contact us to schedule a security vulnerability assessment and learn which services are right for you.

"I have participated in many security trainings with international trainers, and USSS is the best! They are experienced, highly professional and under-stand the client’s needs. They are the real deal."
Corporate Security Training Experience
  • Secret Service instruction with specialties in Control Tactics, Firearms, Emergency Medicine, Physical Fitness and Rescue Swimming
  • State of Texas certified training for firearms and security
  • Instructor of military history at Francis Marion University


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