Overt or Discreet - What type of Personal Protection is Right for You?

The image we have in our minds of bodyguards often portrays a formation of burlesque men in suit and tie escorting a VIP, guarding them closely and protecting them from the masses. However, not all bodyguards fit this description and it’s important to know which type of personal protection is right for you.

When You May Need a Bodyguard for Personal Protection

Not everyone needs the services of a professional bodyguard but certain situations can leave you more vulnerable to threats and attacks, making this level of personal protection necessary.  People with high net worth, for example, may face the threat of being harmed or kidnapped for their assets. Also at risk are high level executives in control of companies worth millions or billions of dollars. Dignitaries and political figures also have a need for this type of personal protection. Other situations with considerable risk may include transporting something of extreme value, private estates and special events.

2 Types of Bodyguards

The reason you need personal protection, along with your own personal preference, will determine whether you employ an overt or discreet bodyguard.


The bodyguard described above is an example of an overt bodyguard, with high visibility. They are commonly seen escorting celebrities, dignitaries, and political figures.


For a more private personal protection experience, you may prefer a discreet bodyguard. Many times there are bodyguards among us that we don’t even know are there. These bodyguards make a point of blending in with the lifestyle of the person they protect, dressing and acting like them and their friends.

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