Mission Trip Logistics: 7 Steps to Protecting Your Mission

With the end of the school year close at hand, youth groups, high school, and college students are preparing for their summer adventures.  For some, this means traveling abroad with a church outreach program or mission trip.  If you are a church leader, these students, and their parents are relying on you to have their safety and security taken care of so they can focus on the mission (and have a little bit of fun!)  

While your objective is to provide a positive impact through ministry and aid; security consulting can help ensure your life-changing experiences remain positive. Proper preparation and training can help minimize or deter an emergency or prevent a crisis situation.  Mission Trip Logistics is a crucial element that should not be overlooked when planning your mission trip.

Your Mission Trip Logistics Checklist

  1. Know your Security Plans and how to Put them in Action for your time at  the Airline Terminal.
  2. Be prepared for Potential In-flight Emergencies.
  3. Know Hotel and Local Travel Policies prior to your arrival.
  4. Know how to Prevent Sexual Assault while traveling.
  5. Always have Medical Assistance readily available.
  6. Get some Training in Hostage Survival Basics and Kidnap for Ransom Prevention.
  7. Gain a solid understanding of Terrorism and what to watch for.

A Resource for Mission Trip Logistics

As a church leader, you may not have the background and training to be able to check off everything on this list and it’s important that you know where to turn. Universal Safety and Security Solutions, LLC.  will enhance your church security services with strategic mission trip logistics planning.  We will assess the areas of strengths and weakness in your travel plans and provide proactive techniques for managing potential threats. Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to ensure that your student groups stay safe, and your mission is protected!