Not Your Typical Mall Cop: Bodyguards vs. Security Guards

When considering what type of security professional best suits your needs, it’s important to understand the difference between a bodyguard and a typical security guard. They each have specific training and licensing, but security guards are more limited in their scope of practice. In order to provide clients with the highest possible level of security, USSS Inc. bodyguards are trained far beyond licensing requirements.

Specialized Training

Security guards undergo basic training and earn a simple certificate. Becoming a bodyguard requires a higher level of security training. Our bodyguards are more than muscle. They are trained in armed combat, firearms tactics, crowd screening and a number of other advanced skills.

Defensive Protection

Many security guards do not possess the proper training and licensing to carry a firearm. This leaves room for a host of vulnerabilities. USSS Inc. bodyguards are permitted by law to carry weapons. They have received extensive training in weapons safety, defensive shooting and firearms tactics.

Broader Scope

Security guards are not able to take any protective action – instead their job is to observe and report the threat to someone who can. Bodyguards, on the other hand, are able to immediately take protective action. Bodyguards don’t work from a set list of job duties. They evaluate the entire system to ensure that every possible vulnerability is identified and guarded. Service is highly customized to the clients exact needs. They are also capable of performing CPR and first aid when necessary.

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It is important to fully grasp the differences between a basic security guard versus a trained, experienced bodyguard. All USSS Inc. bodyguards are trained and managed by former US Secret Service, FBI, NCIS, Special Forces and Senior Law Enforcement with corporate security experience. Contact Universal Safety and Security Solutions to discuss your individual protection and security needs.