Essential Components of an Active Shooter Drill

With active shooter incidents on the rise each year, it is essential to have ongoing active shooter training for your workplace. This is true for educational facilities, medical sites, corporations and all other workplace environments. You can lessen the potential for panic and ensure the best possible outcome for your organization should it happen to you. One important piece of your training is the active shooter drill. The following is a breakdown of a typical drill.

Objectives of an Active Shooter Drill

When conducting a drill your goal is that your employees will be able to:

  1. Recognize the sound of gunfire
  2. Take on a survival/crisis mindset
  3. Identify and become familiar with escape routes
  4. Respond quickly with Run, Hide, or Fight
  5. Know when and where 911 should be called
  6. Learn how to respond when law enforcement arrives

The Essential Components

Hands-on Experience

This type of drill will yield best retention if it is hands-on and done regularly. Employees need to be able to go through the thought process and motions of what they will experience in an actual scenario. This is the most effective way to acclimate everyone to everything they will need to know and do.

Everyone Involved

All potential players should be present to participate in the event. You should include local law enforcement, building security, and your facility management to ensure everyone is familiar with the roles of all involved. Your local law enforcement can walk through your facilities beforehand and give their expert opinion on the best hiding spots and escape routes.

Various Potential Scenarios

Active shooter incidents are sudden and unpredictable, so you should include several scenarios. You can also use actors to act as shooters to make it as realistic as possible. Your employees will be forced to choose the best way to respond to each scenario, whether to run, hide or fight.

After-Event Feedback

After the event it is essential to provide your employees feedback on how they responded and the choices they made. If your local law enforcement is willing, allow them to give their input on what they saw that was good and anything they might do differently.

Be Prepared Today

The time to prepare is now, not after you’ve had an incident. Make regular active shooter drills a part of your annual corporate security training. Give you and your employees the best chance to survive the attacks of an active shooter. Universal Safety & Security Solutions is a team of highly-trained individuals with extensive background in military and law enforcement. We provide security training and consulting services for various organizations in multiple industries. For more information or help developing your security plan and active shooter drills, Contact Us.