Fear to Awareness: How to be Prepared for Potential Home Intruders

In 2012, Steve Jobs was the victim of a home intrusion. The CEO of a major American construction company was recently murdered by home intruders along with his wife, son, and housekeeper after the bandits forced $40,000 in cash from the multi-millionaire. While crime overall has dropped steadily over the last decade, home intrusions targeting wealthy individuals are growing.

Wealth Targets are on the Rise

Burglaries in the U.S. have historically been largely petty crimes against poor victims, criminals often only getting away with around $2,000. But high-profile home invasions like the one against Bill Gates are happening more frequently.

It doesn’t even have to be a wealthy individual. These home intruders case their victims, taking note of their most expensive possessions. It may be a nice car, a fancy watch, or a big house that attracts them but high wealth victims often have high-level security as well.

Fear is Paralyzing – Awareness is Power

That means that if these types of crimes are on the rise, it is because people are not staying aware of their surroundings. Before home intruders get into your house, they have probably been watching you for awhile coming and going. Are you aware of strange cars parked on your block? Have you noticed footprints on your front porch that shouldn’t be there or around your windows?

These are just examples of how awareness is power. It’s the same thing as turning and facing someone when you hear footsteps behind you. But most people just ignore those things either out of fear or because they shake it off as not important until something bad happens.

When criminals are discovered before the crime, they often flee. Your situational awareness can help you to confront potential burglars and scare them off before they make their move.

Personal Protection Services Protect High-Value Assets

High wealth individuals, particularly high profile ones like celebrities and CEOs of major corporations, need personal protection services to secure their high-value assets more than anyone else. These individuals are often targeted by very experienced home intruders that are looking for a big score.

There are different levels of personal protection offered by companies like USSS, Inc. Some include personnel that provide personal protection services. Others include tools to help you protect yourself, like:

  • Basic Self Defense
  • Basic, Tactical, and Advanced Firearms Training (and CHL courses)
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • First Aid
  • Home Security
  • Home Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mental Defense Training
  • And Self-Defense at Home Training

All Universal Safety & Security Solutions training services are provided by former US Secret Service, FBI and Special Forces. By using expert personal protection services, you can protect yourself against even the most cunning home intruders.

Protect Yourself from Home Intruders

More often than not, high wealth victims do not live to tell the tale after a violent home invasion. The wrong answer is to be afraid. The best way to combat the fear of a home invasion is to be prepared. USSS, Inc. will assess the threat, create an action plan, and implement it for you as well as provide personal protection services. Contact us for more information.