Fear to Awareness: Changing Your Mentality to Handle Corporate Security Threats

Corporate security threats can be devastating – and the devastation, fatal. At risk are the lives of employees and clients as well as valuable assets that your business needs to survive. Whether you are facing a physical threat such as an active shooter or other form of workplace violence or your intellectual property is at risk, it’s important not to let your fear cripple you. Fear is just as dangerous as the threat itself, as it renders you incapable of properly handling the situation and mitigating the damage.

How do you reconfigure your reaction to a corporate security threat? The only way is to change your mentality from fear to awareness. As an executive with your company, you are tasked with educating yourself on the most common corporate security threats and putting into place solid action plans for when the situations arise.

Here are 3 Steps to Changing Your Mentality from Fear to Awareness to handle common corporate security threats:

ONE: Security Vulnerability Assessment

Before you can determine which areas of your corporate environment are vulnerable to common corporate security threats, you must undergo a Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA). An SVA, typically conducted by a high-level corporate security professional, will examine your infrastructure, facilities, property, and employees and identify any areas of weakness.

TWO: Create an Actionable Security Plan

Once your vulnerabilities are made clear, the security professional or team you have contracted will meet with your company representatives to create actionable security plans for different scenarios such as active shooter, workplace violence, sexual harassment, and more. The security plan will assign specific people in your company to specific roles in carrying out the plan should security threat become a reality. The security team will create an Incident Command Structure (ICS) detailing the exact course of action to be taken in an emergency situation.

THREE: Corporate Security Training

When you have a plan in place, the next step is to make every employee aware of the plan and provide training on how to carry it out. Employees should be drilled periodically on carrying out the plan. Situational awareness techniques are taught to employees to help them also change their mentality from fear to awareness. The safety of everyone in the organization depends on the ability of everyone on your team to handle these situations properly. Training is key to mitigating the damage that can be caused.

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At Universal Safety & Security Solutions, our highly trained professionals are very familiar with the mentality required to handle a wide range of corporate security threats. We draw only from the best available proven protocols and techniques. Our executive team consists of former U.S. Secret Service Agents, FBI and Special Forces Operators, including the Former Commander of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta. Contact us today to learn more about our corporate security consulting services, and how to handle common security threats in your workplace.