Fear to Awareness: Changing Your Mentality to Handle Common Security Threats

For the average individual, a highly threatening situation can be a source of immediate stress coupled with an overwhelming sense of fear. Facing a situation that involves an active shooter or overall security threat is a nightmarish reality that many of us hope never to face. As these situations do not occur on a regular basis, many of us have never taken the time out to assess such circumstances properly. As a result, our sense of fear takes over and results in chaotic and poor decisions that could reap some very unfortunate results.

When faced with common security threats, it is necessary to overcome your initial state of fear. Instead, replace it with a mental awareness of your surroundings, and learn what to do in threatening situations.

The Differences Between Fear and Awareness Mentalities

The biggest problem with a fear-induced mentality is the lack of mental clarity that comes with it. During a high threat situation, fear may cloud all of your sound judgment, causing you to react in erratic ways. Mental awareness, however, is the ability to learn about our fear and face the unknown aspects of it by prepping ourselves with practical steps to follow through.

The Importance Of Changing Your Mentality

Shifting your mental gears from a fear-based mentality to a more aware one is ultimately a life-changing decision. When you become aware of your surroundings and come to grips with your fears, you can then begin to make sensible decisions after weighing your options.

Fear vs. Awareness When Dealing With Security Threats

In the event of a possible security threat, mental awareness can provide you with detection skills necessary to spot any potential vulnerability that the other party may have. Knowing beforehand what to do in such a case will help you to remain calm and create a course of action that will help to protect your life. Since active shooter and terrorist attacks occur rapidly, reacting quickly and appropriately is the best way to ensure your personal safety, as well as the security of others.

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