What Computer Forensics Can Tell You That Your Employees Never Will

We want to trust our employees to do what’s right 100 percent of the time. Unfortunately, there are times when employees may not use the best judgement or deliberately try to harm their company. Just like employees deserve a safe work environment, your business deserves protection from any ill fate that could occur.

Computer forensics offers a way to monitor carefully the behavior of employees to detect and minimize the risk of mischief, stealing of company time or resources, and illegal activity.  Often criminal activity goes undetected due to the ever-changing environment of technology, and businesses are turning to computer forensics for protection.

What Can Computer Forensics Tell You?

Do you want to know how your employee’s are utilizing their work time?  Are they providing competitors with insider information or sharing your intellectual property?  Have your employees been viewing material NSFW?

Taking the necessary steps to ensure your employees are earning their paycheck, protecting your company’s resources and secrets, and identifying potential harassment or workplace violence is just good business.  Computer Forensics can help in pinpointing these issues within your company’s computer infrastructure.

In-Depth Technology Protection for Your Business

Computer Forensics is only a small step in keeping your company assets safe. At Universal Safety & Security Solutions (USSS), we offer a full realm of technology protective services ranging anywhere from explosive ordnance detection (EOD) services to corporate investigations. Our services include an in-depth assessment of your company’s current electronic security measures and recommendations for strengthening vulnerable areas.

Choosing to invest in technology protective services is choosing long-term sustainability for your company.

At USSS, we draw only from the best available proven protocols and techniques, assessments and measures. Our executive team consists of former U.S. Secret Service Agents, FBI and Special Forces Operators, including the Former Commander of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your corporate security needs.