Protecting Your Business: 9 Components of a Quality Security Assessment

Both small businesses and corporations have the responsibility of limiting and managing risks, vulnerabilities and threats to the fullest extent possible.

A quality security assessment, consisting of several key components, will equip your business with vital information to effectively improve safety and reduce liability.

Key Components of a Quality Security Assessment

Threat and Security Assessments

First, it is important to gain an accurate understanding of the likelihood of any threatening events happening in the workplace – including natural disasters, unintentional harm, criminal and terrorist activity.

Crisis Management, Drills and Exercises

Once you have a good idea of what you might be up against, security drills can help test your workplace for security vulnerabilities. Evacuation plans, mock fire drills and active shooter drills are a few essential parts of your quality security assessment.

Security professionals will guide you and your employees in handling a crisis scenario in the best way possible. Specialized strategies and procedures are put into place depending upon your business’ unique culture.

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Workplace Violence

Minimizing violence in the workplace can reduce the chances of an active shooter and expedite any issues before they arise. During a vulnerability assessment, your business will be evaluated for risk factors such as implementing a zero-tolerance policy, training, and methods to enforce policies and procedures. Be cautious yet careful of any distraught employees, especially those recently fired or laid off.

Event Security Assessment and Management

Corporate events should have security on site and an evaluation beforehand will help you consider any sources of possible threats, including those posed by high-profile visitors.  During the event, management of security and coordinated action plans are vital in proper implementation.

Situational Awareness

Staying aware of your surroundings at work is part of situational awareness. Although it can be easy to get swept up in the busyness of work, it’s important to occasionally look around and take in your surroundings. If you see something unusual or frightening, report immediately to your supervisor. Staying on top of situations will reduce the risk of threat.

Security Audit

Current security measures are put under a microscope in order to identify areas that need improvement. Violations of safety, fire codes, lighting and building access should be thoroughly assessed. In the event a violation is discovered, proper adjustment and corrections can be made.

Mitigation of Critical Infrastructure and Property Security Vulnerabilities

To maintain a safe environment at work, your infrastructure and property must also be secure. Keep the area around your business well lit; intruders usually will avoid places with lighting, so they aren’t seen. Make sure every possible entry (including windows and roof doors) are secured. A perpetrator can and will enter from any location available to them. Lastly, install visual deterrents such as security gates and cameras. If a potential violator sees it’s hard to access your building, he/she will be more likely to move on.

Personal and Executive Vulnerabilities Assessment

Oftentimes executives of a business require special security attention depending on their nature of work, and level of publicity. When assessing vulnerabilities of high profile executives, be sure to ask questions often. Who is critical to your organization? If something were to happen to them, what are the risks, loss and threats against them? Who could possibly be targeting them? These are all important questions when evaluating executive vulnerabilities.

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