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Security Service

Full Range Security Service

Universal Safety & Security Solutions (USSS) has the knowledge and experience necessary to meet all of your security needs. We operate at all local, national and international levels. The list below represents our standard offerings; however, if a service is not listed, USSS will provide a quotation for specialized or custom services.


Protection Services

We provide protective security service including armed and unarmed security guards, bodyguards, technical, travel, and transportation security, as well as personal security for high wealth individuals. 

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Personal Protection

Learn the basics of self-defense, personal protection, and home protection from former US Secret Service, FBI and Special Forces.  

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Security Consulting and Corporate Security Training

Security Consulting

All Universal Safety & Security Solutions (USSS, LLC) security consulting and security vulnerability assessment (SVA) services are provided by former US Secret Service, FBI Agents or Special Forces. We draw from the best available, proven security protocols and techniques and security vulnerability assessment developed and perfected by the US government and industrial security audit experts including the American Petroleum Institute.

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Corporate Security Training

All Universal Safety & Security Solutions (USSS, LLC) training services are provided by former US Federal Agents, with specialized security training experience and are licensed by the State of Texas. We provide US Secret Service instruction with specialties in Control Tactics, Firearms, Emergency Medicine, Physical Fitness and Rescue Swimming.

Additionally our experts have over 20 years of corporate security training experience with Fortune 500 companies and are certified by the State of Texas.

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Our investigation services are in-depth and thorough utilizing the techniques perfected by the US Government.  Our team has been involved in some of the most intensive and successful criminal and national security investigations in US history. USSS, LLC can bring this same level of professionalism to you.

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Church Security

Churches are organizations that have increasing concern about the safety and security of their congregations, pastors and staff. Universal Safety and Security’s service addresses the unique security issues faced by churches of all sizes.

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