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Protective Security

Executive Protection Services (Private Security)

Executive private security is provided for all situations and adaptable to any bodyguard requirement.  Private security services include:

  • Advance survey of sites
  • Bodyguard or executive protection services
  • Armored transportation
  • Aviation (fixed and rotary)
  • Explosive ordinance detection (EOD)

Licensed Security Guard – Armed and Unarmed

USSS, LLC provides highly trained licensed security guard services for personnel or facilities needing private security services.  We train each security guard beyond state licensed security guard requirements and perform on-going drug / background checks on our security guard personnel. We provide uniformed or plain clothes, unarmed and armed licensed security guard or bodyguard.

Event Security

USSS, LLC event security protective services are for events with tens of thousands to small executive meetings. Our event security utilizes Secret Service executive protection protocols, methods and techniques.

Transportation Protective Services

USSS, LLC provides transportation services including armored vehicles and aviation (fixed and rotary).  We also provide security protection drivers and pilots trained for security emergency situations and evasive maneuvering.

 Our Domestic and International Travel Protective Service includes:

  • Risk assessments for travel destinations around the world
  • Vetting of local security and meet & greet service providers
  • On the ground security advance and executive protection service

Travel Protective Service – Domestic and International

We offer risk assessments for travel destinations around the world to include: vetting of local security and meet & greet service providers; on the ground security advance and executive protection service.

 Security Emergency Response

We will provide security emergency security guard, bodyguard or security protection services on a moment’s notice for security emergency situations such as terrorism, natural disaster, infrastructure attacks or threat to personnel and facilities.

Technical Protective Services

USSS, LLC provides many different physical security protection measures for high security situations including:

  • Explosive ordinance detection (EOD) services
  • Site assessments
  • Sweeps for electronic surveillance and listening devices
  • Countermeasures
  • Electronic security testing
  • Computer forensics and investigations
  • Security assessment of current electronic security measures

Marine Protective Services

We provide a wide variety of marine protection services for oil and gas security of rigs, ports and shipping. Our experts have red cell skills developed by military special forces and protection capabilities developed by Homeland Security protocols.

Custom Protective Services

If you do not see a security protection services listed please contact us for a custom quote. Universal Safety & Security Solutions will provide custom bodyguard and protective services based on your unique needs.

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USSS is a full range security service company offering corporate security training, security consulting, and private security services. Contact us to schedule a security vulnerability assessment and learn which services are right for you.

“I have the utmost faith and trust in Jim Napolitano and Universal Safety & Security Solutions with my family’s and business security. They are highly qualified and very responsive.”

Protective Services Experience:

  • US Olympics
  • Terrorist Investigations
  • G 7 – G 20 Economic Summits
  • Super Bowls
  • World Series
  • Political Conventions
  • Foreign Dignitary Protection
  • Board Meetings
  • Summit of the Americas
  • NATO terrorist summit  
  • United Nations Meetings

United States and Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central America, South America and the North Sea


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