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Security License C16563 & F01154

CDR Brian Klock USN (R)


Brian served 28 years in the Navy as an intelligence officer, achieving the rank of Commander as well as Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Agent.   Over his career, he has had several roles ranging from air intelligence for P-3, Orions to NCIS  protective operations for the Department of Defense leadership.

Brian was  brought into NCIS to help fulfill that agencies counterintelligence/counterterrorism mission. He was selected to be a part of NCIS’s Special Contingency Group, able to deploy on short notice anywhere in the world in support of military operations.  Brian deployed on multiple occasions in this assignment. Brian also worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency for HUMINT operations.

After 9/11, Brian was asked for by name to become of part of NCIS Protective Operations Division. In this role he protected the leadership of the Department of Defense as well as many foreign dignitaries visiting the United States.  

As a civilian, Brian has worked in the oil and gas industry as a part of corporate security, providing intelligence analysis and corporate security planning. Brian worked as a contractor to the Department of Homeland Security to determine the compliance of chemical facilities to meet DHS’s Chemical Facilities Antiterrorism Standards (CFATS).

Brian has served as president of the Houston Chapter of the Military Officers Association, The Houston Council of the Navy League and as president of the Texas Commandery of the Naval Order.