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Alan Merrell


After nearly two decades of law enforcement, security, and rescue experience, Mr. Merrell retired from his law enforcement career as the Undersheriff of Teton County, WY (Jackson Hole) and a cross designated U.S. Department of the Treasury Customs Officer.  In various capacities over the years he has provided protection for President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and King Hussein I of Jordan, among other diplomats and VIPs, for both personal security and against environmental threats.  He also served his department as the Commander of its Special Response Team (SWAT).

Mr. Merrell was licensed and rated as a multi-engine, instrument pilot and has served as a Captain and Training Officer in the Civil Air Patrol which awarded him, among other decorations, the Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving.  He also served as the Clark County (Las Vegas, NV) Sheriff’s Aero Squadron’s Commander overseeing a team of up to 50 pilots and observers, and was recognized as “essential” by the Sheriff for the department’s successful effort to achieve National Accreditation.  

Mr. Merrell has served as a pilot for the Attorney General and Governor of the State of Nevada, the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, and for the FBI, DEA, and Customs.  Among other positions, he served as Chairman of the Nevada State Search & Rescue Association and was a co-author of the State of Nevada Emergency Air Operations Plan, and he also served as Vice-Chairman of the Wyoming State Search and Rescue Association.  Additionally, Mr. Merrell was an Air Operations Lecturer for the National Association of Search and Rescue.


Mr. Merrell has served as a coordinator and lead instructor in charge of training, equipping, managing and administering all aspects of Search and Rescue functions, both back country and urban, high angle, avalanche, swiftwater, boat, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, horseback, dive, helicopter operations, medical, orienteering, and wilderness rescue. He has extensive airborne response deployment experience with the Hughes Model 500 helicopter, among other rotary wing aircraft, for personal transportation, escort, casualty location and evacuation, and rescue platform and observation.  He has vast motorcycling experience both off-road and in heavily populated, high traffic areas.  He was a certified Emergency Medical Technician, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, and a USAF trained desert and USMC trained alpine survival instructor.  He was a “Rescue Specialist” for FEMA and he is a Divemaster with waterborne craft experience.

Mr. Merrell’s training and experience also includes courses taught by the FBI, US Secret Service, and US Customs.  He has training and experience in background investigation and interrogation techniques, and he has been certified as a Practitioner Lecturer in Firearms and SRT (SWAT) Weapons.  He has taught classes at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Academy and the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, and for other federal, state, and local governmental agencies.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Merrell has also worked on projects and operations with other agencies such as NPS, BLM, and DOE.  

Mr. Merrell has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University, along with continuing education courses at various colleges throughout the United States and internationally.